Bound To The Depths

by Tormentium

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released May 25, 2016

Written by Wes B. and Tormentium.
Ambiance tracks by Randal Collier-Ford.
Guest vocals on tracks 3,5 by Kenneth Parker.
Recorded by Stephen Parker at The Wilderness Studios and The Space Eugene during Dec 2014-Feb 2015.
Mastered by Michael Beck at OldWolf Studio.
Cover by Nev at Gruesome Graphx.
"Black Womb" art by Marlena Yokel.
Layout by Sky S. and Caassimolar.



all rights reserved


Tormentium Eugene, Oregon

Tormentium was summoned from the eternal grey of the Cascadian Willamette Valley, in Autumn of 2004. It was created with the intent of expressing their darkest musical vision beyond reality. As a metal band with elements of black, death and thrash, Tormentium has always tried to break the bonds of genre specifications and cultivate an honest sound that is grandiose, eerie, and melodically brutal. ... more

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Track Name: Black Womb
She crawls like an insect under the veil of beauty
Deceitful serpent with a rotten apple
Eater of the honest man, slithering through armor
Venom of the black womb ignites the soul aflame

She sacrificed me to gain nothing
Breeding as white worms from the corpse of man
Make me revel drunk in my own weakness
Again, I close my eyes in foolish bliss

Your filthy touch has tainted me
Deceived by your lies
Lost from whom I will never be
No mercy for the blind

Every hope in mankind deformed
Disgusting as leeches you piss your own beds
Seducers of the black womb
Clamoring for a tiara of shit

Your filthy touch has tainted me
Deceived by your lies
Lost from whom I will never be
No mercy for the blind
I’ll worship this for eternity
To sleep with a knife
Hear the moans of an era
Dying like the infant divine

Cut out my eyes, for everything I see I hate
Splinter my limbs, for I only embrace despair
Puncture my ears, for I can only hear lies
Seal my casket, no longer shall there be light
Track Name: Melody Vitriol
Descending toward the bittersweet stench
That clouds the aching mind
A lust for the necrotic
He knows what delights he’ll find

A chorus of life and death
Where the worms crawl within
Singing toward the silence
That vitality abandoned

Grave, unclean passions give way
Interment into madness
They call to him relentless
Exhume decomposing art

Whispers from the reaper
In harmony with rot
Sing clearer and dearer
Towards a soiled heart

Grasping at the skin, slipping from the bone
He salivates in pleasure, to taste is to know

Aural inundation
Of stench and decay
Bound to the rotting flesh
Mortally contained

Decadent putrescence
Transcends the placid gore
Humming with the insects
The song of death adored

He needs to hear the white worms dance
Oh, how the earth adores you
Swaying to the rhythm of a fool’s heart
Oh, what lovely music they make
Track Name: Fallen (In Defiance)
This is my conviction, thus it shall be written
That I stand in question and willingly cross the line
Father of derision and king of perdition
I seek to stab the heart of the divine

This is my trial, but my convictions are known
My sentence shall relieve you of all earthly deeds
So impotent on your benevolent throne
Your subjects in piety live life on their knees

Your ineffable will masquerading as love
Has poisoned me towards your favorite creation
An archetype of evil, hatred, and war
I’ll become your most feared abomination

Fallen in defiance, black wings speed toward the earth
I will make dust of man and shatter your words

If mortality is such a gift to mankind
Then eternity is mine to defy the divine

Careless usurpers of their dogma decreed
A fallacy that your wisdom could not see

Summoning their souls and bending their wills
To tear them from you as you’ve forsaken me
Bringer of flames in the pits of hell
I am the reaper, the terror, the beast
Track Name: Requiem Within
I feel it churning, Burning from within
The life I know, Is coming to an end
Summoning sickness, Is setting in
My mind depraved, In a mire of sin

Madness, shadow and flame
I am enlightened and profane
Further from the cursed nazarene
Then I have ever been

A fractured yearning tares at my heart
Yet it keeps beating my blackened blood
My soul is bleeding and im playing god
To a lost weakling in a dying world

I curse the sun, a fallen one
I want to eat all the stars
Drawing in all the pain of the world
Crushing my soul and expanding my mind
Tragic, this life… I want to die

Cut in flesh to blade, Sanguine purity
Suspend all faith, Believe in nothing

I beckon death, but take one more breath
Forcing the vomit to rise
Spewing my hate towards my own grave
Contemplating suicide
My suicide, my worthless life

Empty vice, Blood on my knife
Watching it flow, Draining the soul

Consumed by the burning fires of reason
The life i knew is an ashen ruin
Summoning sadness, I bleed again
My soul depraved, Requiem within

Madness, Shadow, and Flame
I am enlightened and profane
I piss on this cursed humanity
Until the bitter end
Track Name: Coils 1: Void Of Muse
This minds eye bears no glory
ages pass, the canvas is dry
the artist (in me) shall cease to be
in this empty room alone

beauty of this world is lost
destroyed by your smiling faces
light of the sky casts no color
worthy of my brilliant creation

my brush rots - my palette crumbles
with every waking hour I wait
another night - absent light - is this all I live for?

it calls to me when the moon is high
when the candlelight flickers and dies
its the vision that crept from the void
and found me beyond the walls of sleep
eyes darker than a watery grave
a grotesque monument of hate
indescribable fear escalates
slithering tentacles coil my brain

swirling black - skinless figures
visions toward the gateway of pain
infinite death - slumbering god
manifest the dark influence

inspiration takes hold deep in the soul
as the fire burns to a black coal
in the vision that crept from the void
I found meaning in mortal hands
strokes of color grace the canvas
furiously slashing their beautiful marks
a composition of ravenous haste
gravely depicting the doorway to death

oh my muse
The black fairy in my glass
inspire mystery I desire
my curious thirst I must quench

its your embrace i long to know

take my hand
show me what you see
portray your will
give purpose to me

i accept your gift, its all i have left
One last pigment, to complete your work
Our art shall be, just the beginning
yet palette lacks, for our final craft

the blade shall replace the brush
a pigment so pure, it must be mine
slice away this... layer of lies
transcend all worthless mortal existence

creating our art...

my pain will become your paint
spilling forth for you my muse
sculpting a holy flesh tribute
my death, your masterpiece
Track Name: Coils 3: Behind The Skin
I stalk my prey with instinctual precision
Phasing the night, smelling their fear
Subjectified to experiments in torture
Flayed and displayed, my mission austere
Won’t be the last but just one of the many
Who will unveil the map of a corpse
The flesh dissected past recognition
Besides what these artful eyes see, of course

Beyond Infallibility, Rests Enlightenment

Darkness is where I was given my work
Terror is where I find true beauty lurks
Returned from the void to deathly pursue
The truth of what breathes life into you
As I watch the blade caress through the flesh
A picture of asymmetrical distress
Primitive lines on a human canvas
Mortality in practice not sadness

Words on a tombstone, hold no meaning
Art only justifies life, total death is art

Falling back from the void, so cold
Swimming through the vast unknown
Aether of un-life’s blessed peace
Why lord, have you rejected me?
A dead heartbeat returned to speed...
Visionary eyes opened beyond my deeds?

My creator, Oh my muse!
What lies deeper, Than your truth?

Shadows of the dead call for my goal
To dig through flesh and expose them all
Hearing their screams harkens back to the deep
To the abyss of incorporeal sleep

Lord, if i unfold your meaning
Mayest I return?
To the land of frozen time
Where life and death dance in twilight?

Returned to the mortal world
His tentacles seethe and unfurl

The blade shall be my key
Show me untarnished honesty
Meaning of his will expressedly
Surely will become clear momentarily

In their eyes i see his truth
In their flesh i’ll stake his claim

Disgusting miserable reality
Its people hold no hope for me
Abyss of death beckons to eat
These sheep devoid of beauty